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Ukurwarna.com experts in color, tight tolerance lightning system, critical color viewing, color matching assessment, gloss haze, and liquid coating measurement.
We offer local support utilize our extensive industry experience for you. ukurwarna.com has all the tools, resources, and guidance to help you get the full picture.

Color & Appearance

Surface & Gloss Measurement

Lighting Solution


Improving Manufacturing and Production Quality Processes

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Color Appearance
Color is very important. In any industries color will be concern to products. We make sure the color measurement directly objective.
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Display Measurement
We advance for Color Measurement, what color do you want and quality of the color for the product. Using spectrum and color scale will be precisely accurate.
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Software Solutions
HunterLab with High-end Technologies very understand our customers, and we create the software who can integrated to your PC and laptop to make sure the data is secured.
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Expert Accurate Measurement

Helping manufacturers incrase efficiency and product quality with high-end technologies and accurate measurement instrumentation.

Reduce Waste

Catch defects quickly and reduce wastage with high-end technologies improvement on the instrument for high repeat measurement test.

Consistent Quality

Create your own standards for quality using our products and ensure that each production batch consistently matches previous batches and eliminate costly re-works.

Increase Production

All our high-end test instrument have been designed to incrase the quality for the packaging line speed, reduce raw material waste and incrase batch-to-batch consistency with accurate checking measurement test.


We collaborated with 3 biggest principle in the world. Expert in color section with high-end instrument technologies.


We also good handling our customers with our after sales services.


If color accuracy is critical to your business, you've come to the right place with the right people.
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