AGERA Spectrophotometer

Simultaneously measure color, quantify gloss, and store the image in one simple measurement—with a benchtop spectrophotometer that offers exceptional flexibility, ease of use, and unprecedented value

Agera HD 2

Standardized 0°/45° geometry
This geometry very precisely to the color impression that the human eye has of the sample.


Full Spectrum + UV
With an illumination range of 360-700 nm, the Agera is also suitable for measuring optically brightened samples.


Integrated camera
The integrated camera helps to place the sample precisely and to save a photo with the measurement data


Smart User Interface
Your measurement results can be easily transferred to existing LIMS or SPC systems


Integrated QC software
EasyMatch QC Essentials quality control software is built into the instrument and provides all the color indices and metrics you need.


Uncomplicated & precise
Simple "one touch" measurement reduces training time, optimizes workflow and increases your productivity.

Professional for laboratory and production

From the world’s leading innovator of color and appearance measurement technology, Agera delivers the full picture on your sample’s appearance quality. Offering simultaneous measurements of reflected color, gloss, and image capture in one simple measurement, Agera provides exceptional flexibility, ease-of-use and unprecedented value.

Agera HD